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A Curve in the Sky

I left Lisbon almost suddenly. My lease was up in a week, and my internship at Terratreme had just finished. Winter was leaving. I knew it because I began to sweat profusely during my bike rides to work – that never happens in the winter. In winter, I’d bike in the biting cold morning. Eventually […]

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Viszontlátásra Giovanni Gallotta

I remember coming home one night. “Fuck it’s so cold. Fuck Fuck My boots are so heavy. Malayo pa ba? This building is so creepy. Is anybody home..”

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Inay’s Mango Tree

 My grandmother buried a seed into the ground about fifteen years ago. She told me to watch the Indian mango tree grow. She said it would grow like the Gumamela on the side of the road. But it took long. So long that Inay never got to see the mango tree grow at all.