Two Weeks in Viana do Castelo

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C95A0196Last week, I found myself in Viana do Castelo again. I was there in transit, waiting for the next bus that would bring me further up north. It was the place where the fourth edition of  DocNomads  first had their fieldwork. It was, where we made our first films as a class. That was in the first semester. Now that we’ve arrived at the last, I remember the photographs that I had promised to show them “once we get back to Lisbon”. I’m about a year and four months late, but here they are anyway.

Budapest is Waiting

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In January we moved to Budapest. It was winter and the first morning we spent in the city was one of the few days of snow. Winter was an exciting concept because I’ve never really experienced it but it was also very alien. It felt like the city was alien to me or, that I was an alien in it. When the sun started to show, I began taking photographs of strangers. This one, was of a man who just left the tram, I asked him for a photograph but he said:


I tried ask again to make sure I understood correctly

“No.. Not me..”

He opened his arms up to the sky, looked around and then finally  at me and said:

“Budapest is waiting for you.”

Since then I’ve been working hard to make sure that Budapest doesn’t wait too long, after all, we have barely a month left, and then we are on our way out again.

Light is a Luxury Video Produced by NinjaDog Studios

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The video we filmed for SunPower Corporation’s 3S is out. If you wish to watch “Light is A Luxury”, click the image above. You may also watch the 8minute version of the video by clicking the image below.

C95A0284From NinjaDog Studios: The 3S project establishes solar-charging stations in communities that lack access to electricity. Commissioned by Sunpower Corporation, produced with the help of LP4Y, TNK, and the local government of the City of Manila.