SURGE: Stories of Resilience, Karihatag

In 2015, as a second cinematographer and photographer, I went with Ninjadog Studios  to make a series of short documentaries for the SURGE Consortium. The consortium was composed of different organisations namely, Christian Aid, Handicap International, Oxfam, Plan International, and was funded by the European Commission on Humanitarian Aid (ECHO). The films were to put a […]

Photography Exhibition: O Pão nosso de Cada Dia – Projeto da Residência Fotográfica PLANO FRONTAL 2016

In August 2016, Filmes Do Homem – Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival, opened it’s doors to not just film makers, but to photographers as well. The “Plano Frontal” photographic residency was awarded to three photographers who were tasked to explore the stories that surrounded the border of Portugal and Spain. Melgaço has a rich tradition […]

From Far Away

The following photographs resulted from an exploration that led me to making my first short film entitled “Bakter” (The Track Changer) in Hungary. I was surprised at how many people were already there. The train leaves at 07:45H so I arrived at Keleti very early.

Light is a Luxury Video Produced by Ninjadog Studios

 In 2014, I worked with Ninjadog Studios Inc. and filmed for SunPower Corporation’s 3S project. From NinjaDog Studios: The 3S project establishes solar-charging stations in communities that lack access to electricity. Commissioned by Sunpower Corporation, produced with the help of LP4Y, TNK, and the local government of the City of Manila.

Kanlungan A Film By Louise Isabel Mendoza

Seven months ago, Lou and I rode a bus heading north


World Health Organisation: Rising Anew CHC Photo Book

November 2013, the strongest storm in history hit the Philippines. Nothing on its path was spared. Mountains bowed down.