Yuwa School

In March 2022, we made a documentary of Yuwa India’s work in Jharkhand, India. The videos will be released in 2023

“Yuwa, which means “youth” in Hindi, works specifically with girls from impoverished families in rural Jharkhand, India—a place where girls are at risk of child marriage and human trafficking. It is a program that uses team sports and education to build character, confidence, and courage. It is a place where girls who don’t yet know their worth can meet to compete, achieve goals, and create brighter futures. Yuwa prepares girls to break the cycle of poverty—permanently.”

Visit Yuwa India’s Page to find out how you can support their work


Format: Video (2023)
Length: 3 Videos of 8 Minutes
Directed by: Venice Atienza and Jishnu Guha
Cinematography: Venice
Edited by: Jishnu Guha
Color Grading by: Aaryaman Kutty of Bridge Post Works India
Music by: Tejas Menon
Production Country: India

Published by veniceCa

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