Yuwa Football

For years, Yuwa has been working with BookMyShow to continue their football program. We visited Yuwa in early 2022, to make a short documentary on their continuing football program

Yuwa was founded in 2009 when American Franz Gastler moved to Jharkhand from Delhi, where he had been working as a business consultant, and witnessed the striking disparity between the lives of girls and boys. He began to help girls challenge this inequality through team sport and education.

What started with one team quickly grew to several hundred girls. Today, more than 300 girls play each day on Yuwa’s teams, making it one of the largest girls’ soccer programs in India, with 90 percent of teams coached by young women. Teams play on unused agricultural fields and any flattened piece of ground they can find.



The Videos are produced by: GOOS Films
Format: Video (2023)
Length: 3 Videos of 8 Minutes
Directed by: Venice Atienza and Jishnu Guha
Cinematography: Venice
Edited by: Jishnu Guha
Color Grading by: Aaryaman Kutty of Bridge Post Works India
Music by: Tejas Menon
Production Country: India

Published by veniceCa

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