Une Visite Chez Boris

In December 2016, my classmate, Benjamin Hameury, invited me to film with Boris Lehman. The idea was to spend an afternoon with Boris in his atelier and to talk about film and life. 

I first met Boris at a screening of the film EXPRMNTL in Knokke, Belgium. The movie goers rode a bus that brought us from Brussels to Mascotte, in Knokke. We met Boris there.


 In the middle of winter we found ourselves in Boris’ atelier, talking to him about film and everyday life. I didn’t do so much of the talking, as Ben and Boris spoke in French — but as I took over the images, it became clear that all that I had to learn were things that I could see. At the end of it, Ben wrote a piece about Boris on http://www.debordements.fr/Boris-Lehman-ne-repose-pas-en-paix

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