O Pão nosso de Cada Dia – Projeto da Residência Fotográfica PLANO FRONTAL 2016

“Todas as semanas, em Melgaço, uma carrinha branca viaja por diferentes aldeias para entregar pão. As aldeias estão separadas por altas montanhas e estradas sinuosas. É através deste ritual de trabalho semanal que nos encontramos por momentos curtos e breves, com diferentes pessoas destas aldeias.”

A couple of times every week, a white van goes around Melgaço, and then crosses the border of Portugal to Galicia to deliver bread to different villages. I spoke very little of Portuguese but, in following the path of the bread, from the hands that make the bread, to the hands that deliver it and finally, to the hands of the people who eat the bread, I got to know this land in a way that language would have not allowed me to. In this weekly work ritual of delivering the bread, I got to see how people stay connected amidst being separated by high mountains, winding roads, country borders, and walks of life. Learning in the end, that in doing our everyday work, it becomes possible to encounter others so intimately by simply knowing what they would like as their daily bread.

Pão_0 Senhor Adilio and Sandra have breakfast before the long day of delivery begins. Sandra delivers and her dad makes the bread.Pão_0-2 I was part of Filmes Do Homem’s Photographic Residency in August 2016. Melgaço is a city on the northern most part of Portugal. The idea for the residency was to create a photographic series that explores the idea or family, work, and landscape.

Pão_0-3 Pão_0-5 Pão_0-7 Through one of our colleagues, João Gigantes, I met the people of Padaria, Pastelaria, A Castrejinha, in Vila Castro Laboreiro. Pão_0-4 Pão_0-8

They made bread and delivered it to the different villages and homes that surround the border between Melgaço, Portugal and Galicia, Spain.


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