Conversations with People From The Future: Daniel Deshays

Daniel Deshays is a sound designer, sound engineer, sound composer, writer, and teacher. He was a guest lecturer during our Brussels Semester for DocNomads. Our discussions in class made me curious to learn more about his process, his work, and how he began. This conversation was  a result of this inquiry.

You may find more information about Daniel and his work through his website:

In the winter of 2016, I went to visit Daniel Deshays in Paris. For an assignment for the third semester of my master course, I set out to speak to people who have been working in their chosen field for years. In these conversations, I had an inquiry in mind.. more of a personal curiosity rather than an academic one, I wondered what it was like to “be in the future” having many years of experience, both good and bad behind a person.

Daniel Deshays is one such person. With years of many adventures in sound — be it in music, recording, theatre and art pieces, to teaching, and then, writing, Daniel shared his experiences on sound.

I hope as you take part in this conversation, it would be able to share with you the childlike wonder and openness as it did to me when I first took part in it.


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