Last Days at Sea

The film is an impossible pause of life. It is an attempt to keep the last moments of a boy’s childhood — to celebrate this beauty before it is left behind in search for a better future. In May 2018, “Last Days at Sea” participated in the If/Then Short Documentary Program by the Tribeca Film […]

Bakter (The Track Changer)

BAKTER | TRACK CHANGER from VeniceA on Vimeo. Erno worked as a train track changer for forty-two years and nine months. In a small base a kilometer away from the train station of Dvory nad Žitavou in Slovakia, he watched the world take shape as he changed the direction of passing trains. As he tries […]

Food for the Hungry

Worked with Ninjadog Studios as cinematographer and photographer for their project with Food For the Hungry.

Food for the Hungry

Worked as cinematographer and photographer for Ninjadog Studio’s project with Food for the Hungry

Jin Makes a Perfect Cello and Waits for the World to Listen

Jin left South Korea and moved to Hungary to study music. He works part time in a workshop in Budapest, learning how to make musical instruments. His mentor is patient but sometimes, he looks out the window for too long and wonders. Jin Makes a Perfect Cello and Waits from VeniceA on Vimeo. The film […]

Dreamland: Yakima Terror

Worked as a cinematographer and photographer for DREAMLAND: The Filipino American Story, a six-part series produced by Claire Miranda and Ninjadog Studios. Status: Production

Conversations with People From The Future: Daniel Deshays

A conversation with Sound Designer, Sound Engineer, Composer, Writer, and Teacher — Daniel Deshays

SURGE: Stories of Resilience, Karihatag

In 2015, as a second cinematographer and photographer, I went with Ninjadog Studios  to make a series of short documentaries for the SURGE Consortium. The consortium was composed of different organisations namely, Christian Aid, Handicap International, Oxfam, Plan International, and was funded by the European Commission on Humanitarian Aid (ECHO). The films were to put a […]

Boa Tarde Senhor Lima

Film Title: Boa Tarde Senhor Lima Starring: Jose Lima Synopsis: Senhor Lima has been running his own ice cream business for the last thirty three years. Confined in the 1.5 square meter truck, Senhor Lima bears the winter and waits for spring to come. A story of a patient confidant, a man out of season. Running […]

Photography Exhibition: O Pão nosso de Cada Dia – Projeto da Residência Fotográfica PLANO FRONTAL 2016

In August 2016, Filmes Do Homem – Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival, opened it’s doors to not just film makers, but to photographers as well. The “Plano Frontal” photographic residency was awarded to three photographers who were tasked to explore the stories that surrounded the border of Portugal and Spain. Melgaço has a rich tradition […]

Une Visite Chez Boris

In December 2016, my classmate, Benjamin Hameury, invited me to film with Boris Lehman. The idea was to spend an afternoon with Boris in his atelier and to talk about film and life. 

From Far Away

The following photographs resulted from an exploration that led me to making my first short film entitled “Bakter” (The Track Changer) in Hungary. I was surprised at how many people were already there. The train leaves at 07:45H so I arrived at Keleti very early.


I made something with Ben and Anna a couple of weeks ago. This has no connection to Tras-Os-Montes but whilst writing my paper for Portuguese Cinema Culture and Identity class, I chanced upon a video of this talk and it explains a whole lot about what film is to me, and also about what the […]

For Lina

We were asked to film light for school. I made a letter, from my future self, talking about the present to someone light years away, my grandmother. Alina helped me with this one. What a strange and happy surprise that my grandma almost has the same name as my friend in the film.


In our first week here in Lisbon, we were asked to film a scene in this new environment, that strikes us. People in transit has always attracted me. I often think about where people come from and where they are heading I missed my stop one time I was in the metro and in the […]