O Pão nosso de Cada Dia – Projeto da Residência Fotográfica PLANO FRONTAL 2016

During the Plano Frontal Residency, I was given the opportunity to meet the people of “Padaria Pastelaria a Castrejinha” — a bakery and cafe located in Vila Castro Laboreiro — a village that is on the border of Portugal and Galicia. I joined them as they go about their daily tasks of making the bread and delivering it to the different neighbouring towns.

World Health Organisation: Rising Anew CHC Photo Book

November 2013, the strongest storm in history hit the Philippines. Nothing on its path was spared. Mountains bowed down.

We went to Leyte and Eastern Samar in January 2014 to record the effects of the typhoon on the lives of the people.

Food for the Hungry

Worked with Ninjadog Studios as cinematographer and photographer two of their projects with Food For the Hungry.

One was the story of Luisa, and the other, of Sarah

Surge: Stories of Resilience

In 2015, as a second cinematographer and photographer, I went with Ninjadog Studios  to make a series of short documentaries for the SURGE Consortium. The consortium was composed of different organisations namely, Christian Aid, Handicap International, Oxfam, Plan International, and was funded by the European Commission on Humanitarian Aid (ECHO). 

Light is a Luxury

 In 2014, I worked with Ninjadog Studios Inc. and filmed for SunPower Corporation’s 3S project.

Inabel by AVA

We filmed and edited the Kickstarter video for AVA and Tweetie De Leon Gonzales’ Inabel Collection.

National Geographic Channel’s: Pinoy Hoops

 My first internship after university was to work as an associate producer for a 3- Part Mini Series on the Filipinos’ love affair with Basketball.

1 Liter of Light

 Before graduating from University, I worked on a project about 1 Liter of Light

TOMS Giving Partner

In 2011, while I was still studying, I worked as a production manager for the documentation team for WE International Philippines and TOMS’ shoe giving in the Philippines.