Last Days at Sea

A record of a summer

Une Visite Chez Boris

Boris Lehman welcomes us to his Atelier in Brussels, and talk to us about a life lived through cinema

Jin Makes a Perfect Cello and Waits for the World to Listen

Jin moved to Hungary to learn music. As an apprentice at a local violin shop he learns all he can until his turn arrives.

Conversations with People from the Future: Daniel Deshays

An afternoon spent with Daniel, learning about his relationship to the world through sound.


A brief encounter

Esquire Philippines: Erwin Castillo’s novel Cape Engaño (Behind the Scenes)
Bakter (The Track Changer)

Erno recounts his days working at the tracks of Dvory nad Žitavou in Slovakia.

Boa Tarde Senhor Lima (Good Afternoon Senhor Lima)

Senhor Lima, lives for the summer. But as the winter months arrive, his livelihood must change, until this season comes to an end.

For Lina

A letter to the future.


A letter to regain a lost chance.


A Film by Lou Mendoza

Dreamland: The Yakima Terror

Directed by Moshe Ladanga

A is for Agustin

Last March, I went to Cabangan, Zambales to do camera work for Grace’s project. It’s a documentary about a man named “Agustin”.