Fuel for India 2021: Creating Culture
2021, India

Cinematography and Production,
Documentary, 85 Minutes, Taiwan & The Philippines
In Production

Sandunes at the IKEAFestival
Live Performance, 2021

Last Days at Sea
Directing and Cinematography ,
Documentary, 73 Minutes, 2021, The Philippines & Taiwan

Bakter ( The Track Changer)
Directing and Cinematography,
Documentary, 11 Minutes, 2017, Hungary & The Philippines

Une Visite Chez Boris
Documentary, 2016, Belgium & France

Conversations with People from the Future: Daniel Deshays
Directing and Cinematography,
Documentary, Belgium, 2017

Dreamland: The Filipino American Story
Documentary Cinematography and Photography
In Production: Directed by Moshe Ladanga

Jin Makes a Perfect Cello and Waits for the World to Listen
Directing and Cinematography,
Documentary, 2016, Hungary

For Lina: Film Exercise
Directing and Cinematography, 2015

Sincerely: Film Exercise 2
Directing and Cinematography, 2015

Platforms: Film Exercise 3
Directing and Cinematography, 2015