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                                                                                         In the summer, I visited my friend Agnes, who was staying with Jose in Aldeias. This was the view from the window of that lovely room where I stayed. That was one of the weirdest times of my life. I would usually welcome a wonderful vacation. But the first few weeks of that summer made me very anxious. I haven’t had a summer break since after I graduated from university four years ago. Thinking about not working or not being productive while I stayed in Europe instead of going home sounded ridiculous. One week into summer and I was antsy. We were half way through the program and I had to think fast what I wanted to happen, or what I wanted to do. Thinking did nothing for me other than make me even more anxious. Even more, I had very few friends in Lisbon, most of them were somewhere in another part of Europe for the holidays or they were working a lot.