Before Viana

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C95A0480It was gloomy the day we left Lisbon. It had been raining for weeks and we packed all the warmth we could to prepare ourselves for the cold of Viana.

C95A0478 C95A0479Anton visited Ida for the weekend and brought her to the bus to say a short good bye before they see each other again in a few month’s time. It was different kind of warmth that Ida brought that day.
C95A0481 C95A0484Anna is working on a series, a project that started back home. Hopefully, Lisbon would see the project into completion.
C95A0485C95A0483 C95A0477

Two weeks ago seems like such a blur. But I remember being really anxious about the filming that would happen within those fourteen days. What happened then was so much better than what I had expected. It’s always so silly how we fear things that haven’t happened yet, and it’s always a surprise when they turn out to be the opposite.

3 thoughts on “Before Viana

  1. Hi Miss Venice!

    Been reading your blog since last month. 🙂
    I like your personality as a filmmaker and how you see things in life.
    You’ve been an inspiration 🙂

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