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Two weeks ago the Nomads hosted a Halloween party at David’s. It was Sean’s idea, he’s literally the genie, making all our dreams of dressing up as someone else come true.C95A0388C95A0393Back home, I was part of an organization called UP SAMASKOM and we’d have annual musical comedy variety shows. In the many years I was part of the org, I learned how to put hair up really high. So I put this skill to good use this year through Anna’s hair. I’m quite proud to say that it lasted through the night until the next day.
C95A0397C95A0392Yali’s make up has got to be my favourite.
C95A0398 C95A0399It was Kinshuk’s first time to dress up for Halloween. He’s obviously joyful.
C95A0400Here he is giving everyone loving looks vampire style.
C95A0402Everyone dressed up for Halloween!
C95A0404Then the big surprise of the night arrived.
C95A0406 C95A0405C95A0407It was Sushi dressed as a toilet monster of sorts. It reminds me of a famous Filipino horror film character called an “Undin”. A creature that lives in the common toilet of girls’ dormitories.
C95A0408 C95A0412 C95A0413 C95A0415People dressed up as all sorts of things. Here Chalaine is dressed as a Walrus!
C95A0417 C95A0421 C95A0422There is nothing scary about this picture at all. Probably one of my favorite stories about Lisbon.
C95A0424Martha was dressed as Darkness. Here is white and darkness having a conversation.
C95A0429 C95A0432When I was 7, I dreamt of being a secretary and when I met Chalaine, she said she had an imaginary secretary when she was young. Us being together in the program is a fulfilment of all our childhood imaginations.
C95A0436 C95A0438 C95A0463Hugs everywhere.
C95A0464Anton visited Ida over the weekend. When Ida was away, I spoke to Anton and he said something like “Look, (points to Ida) I’m in love with a bloody lady with a unibrow!”
C95A0467Ingrid and Alina, are the first people I met in this city, it is always home whenever they’re around.
C95A0468Made new friends that night too!
C95A0470C95A0472The cops arrived and it ended the party at David’s. Halloween is always fun. It’s a good opportunity to dress up as someone else. Most of the time though, I take it as a chance to be more like the way I’d love to on a normal day. 

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