Time Capsules and the Rugby World Cup


Jurg and I have been seeing rugby games the past couple of Saturdays.We watch the Springboks games and they’re really good. I don’t know anything about Rugby and I’ve never seen a game before the rugby Saturdays happened. I’ve only known rugby through a film it’s called “Invictus”. When Jurg sent out the invite to our class page about the games he mentioned Invictus and I got really excited knowing that someone I know really lived through that period, in that place in that story.

The people we meet are time capsules with card catalog reference numbers, opening up a world completely unknown to us. When I took this photograph, Jurg asked me “What are you seeing?” — I really didn’t know what I was seeing, I just saw us in the glass and the cars passing by as we sat.

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I'm in love with tiny details

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