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C95A0004 copyI’ve been in Lisbon for about two weeks now, but I rarely see the city in the day time. I only get to know it at night. Arriving at a new place is like meeting someone new. It takes a while before you get used to them, a whole lot more time before you can share thoughts with them. When I arrived in Lisbon, I couldn’t take out my camera. I felt shy. In the same way you’d feel shy when taking a photograph of a person you’ve just met. In the past days, I’ve realised that the shyness doesn’t go away, you have to work your way around it. I went out on the town last night with Alina. She’s two days old in the city. I always have my camera around with me, but last night, I decided to get to know the city the best way I knew how and this was how it looked like. C95A0020 copy C95A0018C95A0008Ingrid is one of the first people I met in Lisbon. She loves Miradouros and she can take you to all. I get lost with Ingrid a lot. One night, we walked for hours. It was a bit tiring but I think there’s nothing better than getting to know a place by human pace and Ingrid is an expert at walking.C95A0009 C95A0012 The view from the Miradouro is beautiful, different from the tiny dots of light from where I came from but it’s slowly starting to feel like home. C95A0025 copy We met Ingrid after her work, it was late at night and the metro was about to close, “You have to move fast if you want to catch it” she says. And run was what we did. C95A0026 copyC95A0035 copy We caught up with the metro, in fabulous running down the hill human fashion.  As we found out that night, going down the hill isn’t as easy as we expected but gravity helps, especially when you’re catching the last train.  Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.35.35I remember on my second day in Lisbon, my flatmates Lay and Diogo took me out to town. We exited the station from this side and I saw this view welcoming the people exiting the metro. I saw it then and it had felt like the city was giving me a wink. I didn’t have my camera then, but last night I was prepared. On our way out I hoped to see the light fall the same way it did the other night and it did. So, I took a video of it, it’s my way of winking back albeit a week late.

It’s nice to meet you too Lisbon.

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