The Beach

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C95A0597A couple of weeks after LIVE A.I.D.S. XXX we went to the beach. I don’t remember the last time I went to the beach with my org mates, I try to, but I can’t.C95A0623C95A0601The people in the photographs are my org mates. In Uni, our organization is called “UP SAMASKOM”. We just completed the 30th instalment of the LIVE A.I.D.S. It’s an annual comedy musical variety show, but to the people in the photographs, it’s a bit more than that.C95A0602 C95A0614There’s this thing called LIVE A.I.D.S. fever — it stays with you long after the show has been over. It’s like a fire of some sort– and it catches all of us who were once caught by it. That fire takes us to a lot of places, this time it brought all of us back.
C95A0620C95A0621If I wasn’t sure that it was the summer heat that brought me to the beach, I’d say the fever dragged me there.C95A0594C95A0618I can’t even begin to explain how hot it was in that beach but the sea, some sand and a handful of friends is still a really good way to end the summer.

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