Last of Summer

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C95A0406I woke up early on a sunday morning to see my friends. I’ve known them for more than half my life and in the past years spending time with each other became so rare that it happening is a cause for celebration. We went to Lala’s family home in Tanay which is a 2 hour drive from Manila. It was magic for me. It’s literally a home for trees!  Tito Ado spent years planting the trees so he knows the exactly how many they are in the area.

C95A0373C95A0378I’ve been so drained the past few days, and taking time to slow down was much needed. Being around people I’ve known for so long is a relief.  I can be really quiet and it’s alright. I walked around barefoot behind them. Being around them is like being barefoot, you feel your feet on the ground again and that gives me so much energy.



C95A0380We got king mangoes and duhat from tree tops. Biking was also part of the itinerary but that didn’t happen.


C95A0388C95A0398We spent the afternoon in the water. We were quiet half the time. Resting and the other talking about age, dogs, marriage and the need to stay awake. I think this is it with friends. They’re like coves you can rest your tired bones on. I’ve known them for a while, before wanting to be something was anything at all.

C95A0417C95A0414In the afternoon we headed out to a tiny dock. We were the same, at the core. Strange, with really different stories. The sunset was beautiful in a quiet way. Behind us is the Malaya Powerplant, it’s a back up solution for a future where power in the city runs out. C95A0415

C95A0411On that tiny dock we wondered at nature, and talked about things people don’t talk about — downward spirals and then bouncing back, and also menstrual cups. And things we can do, and things we can’t do anything about. We headed back to Manila that night. It was good. The quiet kind of good.


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