Home for the Afternoon

Photography, Portfolio

C95A0123 C95A0067
We used to spend so much time in Mass Comm. Kaye and I used to sneak out of rehearsals to enjoy the light of the setting sun. We’d pretend it was fall because the leaves were brown.C95A0060C95A0072 That was five years ago. We graduated a few years after that, I in 2012, Kaye the year after. I don’t remember the last time we were in the field. This afternoon though, the sun was beautiful again. It wasn’t like it was five years ago but it was as beautiful. I photographed Renzie and Nico, we’re all part of the same group, we like the sun just the same.C95A0078 C95A0069 C95A0087 C95A0085I’ve been coming back to Mass Comm more often the past few weeks, we’re doing this thing for Live AIDS 30. I can’t believe we’re on the 30th already, time flies by fast. A lot of things have changed but some things stay the same, like us sneaking out a few minutes before rehearsals to enjoy sunlight. It’s good to have a home to come back to and people to enjoy the setting sun with.

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