Along Higashi-Horikawa Dori

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It was drizzling the first day we were in Kyoto. But we rode bikes anyway.

C95A4596The man from the bike rental shop told us something cool would be happening along a certain strip somewhere. We didn’t really know how to find it. Until after curry, we followed a crowd to a tiny water way and ended up in the “strip some where” the Man from the shop told us about. It was a saturday night and the place was packed with people. It must have been the most orderly crowd I have ever been part of. I was in awe- happy, to watch people in awe.C95A4628C95A4635C95A4653C95A4669Along Higashi-Horikawa Dori is a tiny body of water. In the city’s efforts to restore the water way, it invited different artists to put up installations and made the art works available for public viewing. The different artworks tell the history of the place. I didn’t understand most of the writings of the walls or the words in the videos but just being there, I knew the water was a witness to the city’s growth and more than that, an essential part of it. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that it is not left behind.C95A4654
C95A4692C95A4705C95A4721It’s a brilliant idea – to find a way to make people feel for a place. Because the secret lies in the connection. If you want someone to care for something, you have to make them feel for it. I’m sure the water along Higashi-Horikawa Dori is doing well – continuously flowing – silently watching Kyoto head into the future.

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