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Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 6.19.01 AMI spent the first few minutes of my birthday taking this shot. We were on our way home from working on a project I’ve been building with a friend since mid last year. Now there’s 5 of us in the team. Everyone was asleep except John and I. We were all really tired from the traveling. I am old enough to worry about being completely broke at that moment but also old enough to appreciate where the last few years of work went. I was always a wuss at things but coming from that trip, I knew I shed that skin already.

Most of what I write, I write for my future self. I hope she doesn’t forget what it feels like to find answers to questions she was afraid of asking, to not have regrets because of big risks taken. Here’s to a new year of life — of finding more answers and of not being afraid of traveling long distances even at the threat of flat tires. Life is simple if you follow what excites you.

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