Birthdays and See You Laters


My birthday falls right smack in the middle of the Holidays. It was always a thing or an excuse to get people together but this year was different. I spent the first few minutes of it on the road on my way to completing a project I’ve been shooting since mid 2014. And the night was spent with a couple of friends on a rooftop while saying see you later to a friend who’s leaving for Europe.

C95A4660 We all met in University more than 5, 8 years back. We’re completely different now but what remains are the silly dance moves and off tune singing.
C95A4656 C95A4650 C95A4664 C95A4693 C95A4674 C95A4654C95A4647C95A4642

 It amazes me how quickly this year flew by. I don’t remember being the same person I was last year though. I think that’s a good thing.

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