Light is a Luxury

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C95A0017 C95A0045In April 2014, we filmed a short documentary for Sun Power Corporation entitled “Light is A Luxury”.

1.6 Billion people in the world have no access to electricity. As a solution to this pressing problem,  SunPower Corporation has created shippable solar stations (3S) equipped with solar powered portable lights. These lights are rented at cost and with no profit to partner organisations.

This short documentary is about the life of the people living in the small community of Sitio Damayan in the Northern Part of Metro Manila, their strength and their silent struggle to build a life in a world divided by day and night

They say that for you to know if you have done meaningful work, you must be able to look at who you were before you started and know that you cannot go back. Below are photographs I took during filming.

C95A0282 C95A9960 C95A9440 copy C95A9968 C95A9966 C95A9974
C95A0024 C95A9361 copy C95A0083 C95A9414 copy C95A9632 copy C95A9589 copy C95A0284 C95A0291

Today, Sitio Damayan no longer exists. The people who live here are among the many residents of Manila who live in places most people do not know exist. The land has been sold and they have been relocated to build lives else where. But they were once here, they lived in the streets, swam in the bay and made a living day after day. For a few days, they let us into their world. This was theirs. They were here.


Precy Marana
Aaron Mansuelo
“Nanay Glo” Gloria Recio

Special Thanks
Father Matthew Dauchez
Maritess Maranda
Lilia and Romeo Nueva

TNK: Tuloy ng Kabataan Foundation
LP4Y: Life Project for Youth

Christopher Dargnies
Marissa Yao

Chris Zabriskie

Produced by: Ninjadog Studios
SunPower Corporation 2014

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