C95A3157 copy We tried to catch summer in the middle of june.
We went on a trip to Iloilo and rode a boat to the island of Mangoes, Guimaras.

C95A3163 copy c95a3209c95a3223 c95a3211 c95a3255 c95a3261

We rode a tiny boat to the island and moved at almost turtle pace. We were afraid for our lives but our father and son tandem of boatmen were the best at manoeuvring strong choppy waves.

c95a3315 c95a3290 C95A3271 copy c95a3354 c95a3359

The second half of the trip, we spent on an island called “Gigantes” in English- Giants. Local legend tells of coffins containing giant bones found in one of the islands thus the name Gigantes.

c95a3396 c95a348a c95a3501 We spent days under the sun
C95A3718 copy

and nights under the stars.


C95A3726 copyWe were lucky to have caught summer just before it had passed.

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