Learning from Liam and Catanduanes

Photography, Travel

C95A1562 copy
A couple of months back, we visited Zsam’s hometown in the eastern part of the country.
C95A1389 copy
We caught the first flight out of Manila and before we knew it we were at the beach.
C95A1435 copy
Liam used to be terribly afraid of the water but says he’s learning to love the water little by little.
C95A1537 copy

We caught views of the great big ocean,

C95A1525 copy
got to know old churches,
C95A1570 copy
and watched things happen for the first time.
C95A1575 copy

The next day, we headed out to the outlying islands
C95A1577 copy

and caught a fluvial parade on the way.
C95A1587 copy
C95A1588 copy
C95A1602 copy

The cleanest port I have ever seen.

C95A1710 copy
C95A1653 copy
C95A1692 copy

C95A1797 copy

On our last night, we caught a view of the stars. When you catch sight of the infinite sky, you get to think about where you stand in the universe. Then you see that your place is where you should be and something tells you that to take care of that kingdom, that tiny tiny kingdom – that place where you stand.

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